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Missing Posts

Someone inform you they posted, but you didn't see it? Not sure if your post went through because you don't see it?

How to Deal

  • Refresh
    • Tip: Clicking the room name in the room list will keep you in the room while refreshing. (Soft refresh)

Post Won't Go Through

Ensure you do not have any 'forbidden' characters like - or ' in the room name or description.

Cannot Make Temporary Room

Ensure you do not have any 'forbidden' characters like - or ' in the room name or description.

Resource Limit Reached

SkaldSong RP is paid hosting on a shared server. Occasionally you may encounter this message when activity overall is great, not necessarily for our site in particular.

What Caused It? Too many things happening at once. This is generally not a player-caused error. More often than not this is beyond our reach and control.

How to Deal

  • Do not spam refresh, please wait (count to ten slowly!) between each attempt.
    • Rapid refreshing can potentially make it worse!
  • If problem persists longer than a half hour, contact the staff.


Fails to Update/Save

Ensure you do not have any 'forbidden' characters like - or ' anywhere but the backstory. If you cannot remove it yourself, you may need a staff member to manually do so for you.

Mood List Not Populating after Upload

The first time you upload an image for your character, you have to go back and submit ('Modify') the profile. This should populate the drop down options under the mood selections. Then ideally, you should be allowed to select a mood on the separate menu.

Occasionally this does not populate as it should.

What Caused It?

At this time it is unknown why there is a delayed response.

How to Deal

Go back and click Modify profile again. You can also right click -> reload frame while on the Mood selection menu until it appears. If after one or two tries this does not catch-up, reach out to the staff for further investigation.