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Virtuoso of Misery
Verdant Crescent
Region : Prasino Kolaz (Ysteria)
Status: Unknown
Active: 2017-2018


Maestro A long-bodied woman with a slender frame, caramel skin, and black hair that cascaded in ringlets halfway down her back, or longer. She sports knowledgeable and gentle brown eyes and thin lips. Often seen wearing a flower crown and/or flowers braided into her hair. Always in a dress and fingers always a little bit dirty from tending to plants.

Virtuoso Corruption changed her to an almost unrecognizable state. Her skin became pallid, eyes a sickly yellow. Her hair remained black but constantly wet with blood dripping down her shoulders. Long gashes run down her wrists eternally bleeding. She's thin with ribs visible. Her only garment clings to her like a sticky, oily web. She rarely speaks in this shape, but most cannot get close enough to talk to her anyway.


Mei was a loving soul with little confidence in herself.

Powers and Abilities


Meizarae emits a constant and heavy aura that affects one mentally. If a person is not at their peak, or has a lot of internal struggle to begin with, it can mean death in the quickest fashion that they can muster with their own hands. For others, it will diminish their resolve as they suddenly feel the weight of world and their own self-inflicted thoughts.

Method: d100. 1 and 100 are suicide. 50 is perfect save.

  • Affects only in a localized area, roughly one 'real' room.
  • Meizarae cannot 'turn it off'.

Banshee's Wail

The virtuoso of misery lets out a glass-breaking scream. A more potent and direct attack it not only causes physical pain but forces the aura deeper into her opponents.

Method: d100, every 10th number is the kill. All else safe (but not unharmed). Numbers ending with 5 are considered perfect saves.

  • Affects a conical shape in front of her.

Life as a Maestro

Meizarae cultivated the lands of Ysteria with her guild, Verdant Crescent, specializing in exotic herbology. This guild also is credited with training feathered raptors for use as mounts in order to navigate the land safely and efficiently and later on the existence of rock lions to keep the basilisk numbers at bay.

She is recorded as being generous and caring as well as encouraging, admiring grafting attempts that would allow their prized plants to grow outside of the region. These studies by her guild have yielded poisons as well as taming naturally occurring ones in plants to make them edible-- but at a cost she steadily disagreed with.

Virtuoso, pre-monarchy

Meizarae's guild was wiped out by an unseen force, later to be discovered as her own aura causing her people to immediately strike themselves down. Bodies were strewn from trees and balconies, or impaled upon weapons and other utensils. Some had ingested plants they knew well not to. Some willingly into the cooking fires.

War was brought to her doorstep. The requirements of fighting her from a distance caused the use of catapults which would lay waste to her home, creating the ruins that are there today. She was inevitably captured and, with a careful organization of escorts that would trade themselves in and out she would be placed well beneath Chanson Isole'e, in the catacombs where the only nearby victims would be already dead.

Virtuoso, current

The Skald nudged her senses after a lonely 300 years. The door that sealed her within the confines of the flooded tomb would open soon. A month later the doors opened to The Oratorio sung by a bard of Battaglia. Not just any, to her amusement, but a crown-bearing young lady with white-gold hair. The aura brought the princess to her knees and no further, her determination to live holding her just above the water.

It didn't matter, Meizarae warned, this one would be her own downfall. You will do it again.

Since then the virtuoso made it out of Chanson, crossed the land to Inizio D'Oro, cutting a single swath of misery and deaths-by-suicide along the way. Here she invited herself into The Manor and removed the monarchy from the living. It was impudent, the existence of the monarchy went against the original design by The Skald, the one given to her and the other Maestros. The Prince and his companions escaped, she did not give chase. The large push completed, she was free from further prodding by the unseen master and retreated to act on more personal things: reclaiming Ysteria.

Her first efforts were in vain, managing only to kill the leader of the guild that had established itself in the ruins of her abode, Elysion. The warning was not taken and they did not evict themselves, and so she set to lurking in the surrounding green as scouts were sent to try and narrow down her presence. A year after her freedom Meizarae discovered the place empty and unguarded. She finished off the resting patients, the ones that had barely survived her earlier, and rebuilt her throne where it should be.

And there she waited until the denizens of the Tapestry marched on her again. Only this time they were not successful. Neither of them were. It is vaguely unclear what exactly transpired when Aleksandr struck her with the only Skaldic Artifact the army had in its possession but it appears to have petrified the woman and caused a sudden overgrowth of stone vines to completely encase and barricade the pile of rubble that was once the ruins Elysion tried to breathe life back into.

Meizarae may be brought back and a second fight attempted, but only by a full and willing party.