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Setting up your image

Congratulations! If you're reading this, chances are you've created an account and a character on If you haven't, how'd you even get here? Also, go do the thing I'm congratulating other people for.

So now you probably want to have an image for your character. While not always the easiest process to master, this guide should have you up and running in just a few minutes.

Two quick things. First, all images currently should be 100 KBs or less. Your avatar image should e 300 x 300 pixels max, and your banner should be 500 w x 100 h pixels max. If you're not sure how to do that, check the "How to check your image before uploading" section beneath this one.

Second, let's talk about the Control Panel (CP for short). When it's in the default state. it should looking like this: -insert image here later-

When it's not, all you need to do is click CP to return it to it's default state. If it's not in it's default state, set it to that and let's get started.

Click on Manage Profile. If you don't have a signature/banner ready to go yet, this should say "no image." If when you post your avatar is in the middle of your post as opposed to one of the sides, you need to select this and set it to "No Image" or whatever the actual file it is you need. Then go down to the bottom of Manage Profile and click the "Modify Profile" button. Anytime you make a change under Modify Profile, you want to click this button.

Click [Need to Upload an Image?]

Here you can view images from the "Image Select" drop down box, but we're more interested in the options below. (Also note the rules posted there as well, just as a reminder)

In the image description/Name box, type in a word or two the describes the image.

Then, click choose file, find the image you want to upload, and click save from that pop up box. Then back under the CP (it's called Gallery at this point) click upload.

Click "Go Back" at the top of your CP.

If this is your first time uploading an image, you'll notice that all of your mood images are the same. As you upload more, you'll be able to change these under Modify Profile.

Now, click on "Click here to select a mood" and click on the appropriate mood so that the name becomes Italicized.

Click "GoBack"

It's probably a good idea to scroll down to the bottom of your "Manage Profile" now and click the "Modify Profile" button.

Now you're done! Probably. Try doing a test post to see if it worked, or click on your name in rooms to view your profile.

How to check your Image before Uploading

This topic is pretty straight forward, but it's something that not a lot of people consider doing or even know how. It is worth noting that any staff member will be happy to help you ensure your image is an appropriate size and help your resize it if necessary. Additionally, there are some very helpful online resources to use. My top picks are" (requires you create an account, but its free)

and (a watered down, browser based version of Adobe Photoshop)

But for those into DIY or who need a refresher, here you go:

Step 1

Find the folder your image is saved in (this includes your desktop) and right click on it so that you get a drop down menu that looks like the one below, then click the "Properties" option at the bottom of that menu.


Step 2

A new window should have popped up with tabs such as "General," "Security," and "Details." There is useful information beneath these tabs, including the data size on disk that your file is. That is the size it will appear on site when you upload it. Remember that this shouldn't be any larger than 100 KBs. If it is, try saving the file as a JPG/JPEG or asking for assistance.

After you've checked out that information, go ahead and click on the "Details" tab.


Step 3

On "Details" you may have to scroll down slightly to see more Image Information. Here you'll see the height and width of your image in pixels, which must be no larger than 300 h x 300 w. If it is larger, and you're not sure how to resize it, please ask for help :).