Guilds and Ranks

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The political theater of The Tapestry is always on the brink of a shift despite the illusion of peace carried by its people. Guilds are a major part of the world of the Tapestry. They can help your character rise in rank and power, as well as open many doors to quests and opportunities.

In character they are as potent as family ties / clans but have leniency in that they do not have to operate by bloodline.

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Archive of Past/Disbanded Guilds

Copper HeartStone HeartBlack BoughVerdant Crescent

Hawenyddion's EyeElysion

Social Ranks

Prima.pngPrima Famiglia The royal family. A single bloodline has carried the crown through many centuries, supplemented by the marriages with worthy guilds or heroes as decided by the Primo Uomo (King). The royal seat is Inizio D'Oro, the city believed built on the spot that The Skald had made their one and only appearance.

Proper forms of address is by their title only, unless given permission otherwise. It is acceptable to shorten the title to just Primo or Prima, as well.

Primo Uomo (King, 'First Man')
Prima Donna (Queen, 'First Lady')
Primo Figlio (Prince, 'First Son')
Prima Figlia (Princess, 'First Daughter')

Trivia: The Primo/a titles come from the term Prima Donna for 'first lady' in reference to music/ballet.


The titles belong to the Guild Leaders who have the double duty of running entire regions. Based on their service to the royal family can determine if they will marry in and have the honor of adding their family to the line of the Prima Familia.

Heirs enjoy a lap of luxury in the manor with the royal family. They do not have to be blood-related to the guild leader that sent them.

Proper nomenclature for addressing Doge/Duce are varied and more normalized, with Guild Leaders going by either their internal titles, their name directly, or as their title.


Other guild leaders, despite not holding land, are still recognized as one of the wealthy. Their children are often sent to Inizio D'Oro to be personal servants to the royal family and their superior guild heirs. This title may also reference heirs of all guilds as well, as it is the lowest title of nobility.

Nobile Heirs also do not have to be blood related to the guild leader that sent them.

Possessing no additional fancy titles, Nobiles are typically referred to by their names, but are recognized as being of a superior class than the rest of their peers.


Exceptional heroes may be recognized directly by the royal family as prospects to the line, earning a private title that has them at the same 'level' as a Doge/Duce without the land. These are few and far between, designed to humor the belief that even the pig keeper can become a king, a mantra said to encourage people to not feel bound by their station.

There are no special forms of address toward renowned people.

This level of rank could also apply to villains. They are respected, as without them there would only be half the opportunities for heroes to appear. Still, they probably would not be excited to have one as their leader or suitor!

This rank is given to people who collect enough notable badges to appear well decorated and are not already ranked as nobility. Badges of note include The End, Manticore Mangler, Dragon Doombringer, Virtuoso Vanquisher, etc.