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Virtuoso of the Colonial
Region : Uhrwerkstadt
Status: Unknown
Active: NonActive


Cecily is a half-elf with a muscular build despite notable biceps. She stands at 5 foot 9 inches with green eyes and brown hair.


Cecily knows no stranger, and while she isn't the most outgoing of the Maestros-- she rather stay at the forge than party-- she easily brings people to her cause. She never treated her position as Maestro as anything extra, finding it is something she would be doing any way. She is a champion of elbow grease, encouraging everyone to learn a trade and feel the power of creation at their own finger tips. She is not anti-magic, but finds that those who have never built something with their hands have no business attempting it with magic.

Powers and Abilities

Life as a Maestro

Juggling many skills, Cecily may have headed the largest guild of the maestros. Social enough to be pleasant, her work was non stop to ensure homes and strong settlement structures, credited with building Inizio D'Oro, Uhrwerkstadt, Ysteria, and others during her life time. Her guild also lay the foundation of crafting in The Tapestry, readily bringing in skaldborne as they are found and adopting any new techniques they might bring with them or helping them learn a trade to better fit in.

She had no quarrels with any of the other maestros.

Virtuoso, pre-monarchy

Records of Cecily's virtuoso state are unclear. It is noted that she was killed early into the campaign before she could cause too much death and destruction, as her own guild mates banded together to overthrow her growing unrest as her brethren turn on the Tapestry.

She was pushed into the forge at the center of Uhwerkstadt, where the Zeithalle would eventually be built.