Bjarke the Grizzled

From skaldsong companion

Title: Of Carnage

Powers and Abilities

  • Raw Strength
  • Beserker's Infection
  • Shifting - Bear,

Life as a Maestro

Chosen by the Skald to found a guild for the incoming skaldborne, Bjarke took to the cold southern mountains to establish Stone Heart and their policy of physical might. He was known to be a large, rowdy but welcoming fellow with a good disposition with high energy for brawling and partying. With Arfinnr at his side they developed Stone Heart into a culture of strength and camaraderie.

Fond of nicknames, Bjarke started calling people by memorable actions, keeping their memory alive well after their passing in rich stories that spread over The Tapestry. His own nickname may be in reference to the gray streaks in his hair, or perhaps his resemblance to a bear.

Virtuoso, pre-monarchy

The great games that Bjarke would host at his home site of Coldhaven were used for entertainment, dispute settling, and the determination of rank. But the occasional animal fights were growing increasingly more dull. The blood fest that came about these were driving him for more, to push the limits of these skaldborne and natives alike. He would commission stronger and stronger beasts to be brought to Coldhaven. Wrestling matches became more fights to the pain or death. The celebrations became so big and loud they couldn't hear themselves think, conscience vanishing with the mead and ales. Before long he brought in declared criminals, villains of The Tapestry, and had them fight for their innocence. Then he moved on to the innocent, his fire-blooded soldiers thirsty for blood started to leave the frosty region and collect prisoners to take back.

Their fun games of tests of strength became a gladiator's pit of bloodshed for amusement. Bjarke often joining in himself, rending his victims limb from limb, much to the horror of a few. His like-minded people would celebrate by piercing the remnants of victim's bodies on pikes and brandishing them in the air, waving them about like victory flags before posting them around the arena for the scavenger birds to pick and pluck at.

Virtuoso, current