Berenice Terrazzo

From skaldsong companion
First Coryphaeus
Region : Inizio D'Oro
Status: Unknown (Believed Dead)
Active: Circa 1000 - 1700

Powers and Abilities

Bardic Magic - Berenice's voice can bring about many things in service to her, including uplifting buffs to, according to rumor, persuasive control.

Life as a Maestro

Berenice was a haughty self-important woman who took the position of Maestro and guide of The Skald seriously. She founds Battaglia to focus on the generation of storied heroes and makes her territory at the site where she and the other maestros met The Skald. The city that formed, Inizio D'Oro, would stand the test of time and go on to become the capital of The Tapestry.

She was liked or tolerated to various degrees, and was overall successful in her venture of cultivating heroes and training bards to reach potential with their craft.

Virtuoso, pre-monarchy

Next to nothing is known about Berenice as a Virtuoso. She was reportedly killed by her guild's successor: Leone Arturo. The man would go on to rally the guilds to finish off the rest of the virtuosos and then use the foundation to create the monarchy with him at the crown.