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White Mist Pack
Established: 2018
Founder: Aera
Region: Otkrytoye Polotno
Active: Yes


Lupa / Ulfric






In order to join the pack, persons must be part animal of some kind, (snake, fox, wolf, bird, even fish, etc)

People that have been bitten/changed by a pack member is welcomed into the pack.


They are bestowed by the Ulfric or Lupa upon their hard work and pack help.

Once a member has rank within the pack they can challenge members for higher ranks. (This include Lupa and Ulfric, but excludes omega as they are part of the pack but hold no official rank) normally this would result, sometimes, in the death of the members, but for rp reasons this choice will be left up to the players to decide.

Life in the Guild

Life in the pack is fairly simple, hunt for meals and needed wares, whether to be used by the pack or to be sold at the trading post. Keeping the survival of the pack first, then aiding those who are allied/friendly with the pack.

Obey pack rules/leaders and life will be grand.


  • Respect is to be shown to the leaders of the pack (Lupa and Ulfric).
  • Skoll and Hati are second in command if the leaders are unavailable indefinitely. They should be shown respect, not equal to the Ulfric/lips, but they too are of great importance.
  • Challenges can be made by any ranked member of the pack (excluding Omega who have no rank), the challenge can be accepted or denied by the member.
    • OOC: It is the choice of the player, and choice of player if said chara dies as part of the challenge.
  • During times of war, the pack will rally for the pack, or any allied of the pack.


The White Mist pack of Coldhaven came about after the desertion of the previous Lupa of the Coldhaven pack during or after the confusion of the war on the Virtuoso Meizarae in Prasino Kolaz. Those of the Coldhaven pack that chose to join White Mist have been accepted into Omega status.

Now the construction of building a stronger, more loyal pack is in the Mist of Coldhaven.