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You may have only 1 account. On this account you can have unlimited characters. Purposely creating multiple accounts will be considered an offense. Should you have trouble accessing your original account, contact TheSkald.

Exception: The forum may have multiple accounts to represent each individual character, or a single master handle as per user's discretion.


If a member is inactive with no notice for 3 months, their account/s will be deleted.

Should you have to take an extended break it is advised to at least inform The Skald via PM of the absence. Better, make sure any involved rp can be wrapped up or freed up without consequence. People do not mind waiting if they have an idea of how long or that they will be at all.


Disruptive or rude behavior is never appreciated. Mind your tongue and play nice. If you do have a problem with another player and require mediation, the staff is here to assist. Blatant disregard to manners or civility will result in removal and likely banning.

This also means understanding the difference between OOC and IC and not attributing traits across the line. Your character may be married to theirs, but you are not married to them (unless you are, of course). Their character may be mean and a bully, but they are not likely targeting you for you. If you suspect they may be, reach out to a Staff member.


Explicit, pornographic content will be removed. Repeat offenses will result in the function being taken away.

Mature Content

Warning: This site may contain situations and content that is not suitable for minors.