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Copper Heart
Uhrwerkstadt ~ Est. 1717 [Disbanded]
Otto fan Uhr


  • Leader
  • Members
  • Apprentices


Those wishing to join Copper Heart require sponsorship of someone within the guild to take them on as apprentice.


The master of an apprentice will decide when the apprentice is ready, then the master of the guild will task them with a job upon which they will be judged. If passed, then they will rise in rank to full membership and will be able to take on apprentices of their own.

Life in the Guild

A lot of work day in and day out, from cleaning up wood shavings to fetching more supply, they are steady in their practice and social throughout.


  • Do not undercut one another.
  • Do not present another person's work as your own.
  • Always provide quality


Copper Heart was established shortly after the fall of the Virtuosos and the establishment of the guild system beyond the maestros of old. They are an offshoot of Uhrwerkstadt's original craftsmanship guild, focusing on tinkering with clocks and creating intricate and decorative cuckoos. They are most known however for their work on marionettes, which became a booming business that lead into craftsmen attempting to 'go big or go home' and utilizing everything they could find and learn about the processes of pulleys and gears were able to create magnificent giant puppets that were (and still are) used in Uhrwerkstadt's yearly parade and earned the designer the award the initial year they were included, placing Copper Heart well on the radar.

From Puppets to Prosthesis

While the giant sized puppets took a public fascination, in 1909 the tinier intricate figures and mechanics drew the attention of Nitika, a magic-using healer who was trying to better the lives of those who had lost parts of their body seeking glory. At the time replacements were immobile and simply designed to replace the missing image or allow for tasks they would prefer complete limbs for; these included special legs to hold them in the saddle or carved item-grasping hands so they could continue their work with their main hand.

They would try everything from puppet designs to rigging up suits of armor to move with Nitika using her magic to try and enforce an animation upon it. However just enchanting the items would not be effective for daily use by a person and could backfire. Together they found that copper spun into fine filaments and stuck into the skin transferred the intent of the wearer to the artificial limb. It was a start, and one they took another 58 years before it became a success enough that mobile prosthesis were available for all.

The Disbanding

As puppets and clocks fell out of style, membership within Copper Heart fell to the point it was no longer viable as a guild. Their contributions to The Tapestry are not forgotten, however.

Awards and Recognition

  • Won Inventor's Triumph for large puppetry.
  • Won Inventor's Triumph for artificial limb progression.