Chanson Isole'e

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A cloistered hamlet designed with real-world French influences, and seasonal access.


Chanson Isolée is a curious island landmass that cannot seem to decide if it wants to be part of the mainland or not. It consists of a walled community that is small but hardy and has developed well-tested strategies to last the periods of rain that flood the waters and cut it off completely every fall and winter.

The locals here are mostly studious, taking to debating and philosophizing during their months of isolation. During this time they also produce copies of scrolls, treatises, and books to distribute to the rest of the world. They are not the only source of academia and philosophy, but there is a high chance that books you read were either written by their authors or printed on the island.

In the dry season, the road to Chanson Isolée is lush and green and very busy as merchants try to maximize their routes between it and other places. During this time, most of the winter scholars will take to the waters as fishermen. Some take advantage of their position and catching saltwater fish caught up in the inflow, while others may go further out to sea if the rivers are overcrowded.

While they do not deal with animals the way other locations do (farming sheep, cows, etc) the locals of Chanson Isolée are quite fond of smaller pets like poet rats, rabbits, and small birds.


Since its inception nearly 300 years ago, Chanson Isolée has rather profoundly remained outside of the public eye by and large. This makes the island's history a rather boring and long one that would take years of reading through their scholarly texts to truly unravel.

It is believed that it was founded by Geof Chase, a studious hermit. History says he and his guild built the fortress of Chanson in order to remove themselves from any lingering after effects related to the fall of the Virtuosos. At the highest point on the island, they built luxurious chateau to act as their guild's base. As whispers of his island fortress grew, so too did the interest of a few other hermit minded citizens of The Tapestry.

Eventually, in-fighting caused Geof's guild to disband and for many decades the chateau at the top of Chanson would never have a successful guild occupy it. So numerous were these failures, that eventually the locals and even the scholars stopped noticing and recording them. Eventually, the Nobile of other guilds took it over and converted it into a finishing school for the aristocracy until about two decades ago when they were all moved and locked away in the Manor in Inizio D'Oro. The reasoning for this Primo Uomo's decision was never explained, but life goes on!


The people, like most found across the Tapestry are friendly and willing to aid the new arrivals to the land and help them get settled. They are exceedingly patient, as their population nearly quadruples every spring for the market boom and festival that accompanies it and have a very laissez-faire attitude toward every aspect of their lives. To them, if The Skald really wants something to happen, it will no matter how much they push back.






Main Exports

  • Various Brews
  • Muscles, Clams
  • Books

Places of Note

Chateau Vocal

The former finishing school for the aristocracy, now a towering building offering practice rooms for singing to the public on the ground level. There is also a parlor that acts as a meeting place on the ground level, which is full of tables and chairs.

In the upper levels, the seated guild makes their quarters. The current seated guild is Candidature 9, a brewery and creator of alcoholic concoctions. The upstairs areas are off limits to non-guild members, unless escorted by a guild member or given special permission by the Guild's Nobile. However, you are likely to encounter guild members providing sample glasses of their wares on the ground level, as well as a mysterious force that will always make sure you have more drink if you want it, but only when no one is looking at your glass.

The Flute and Flagon

A two story, compact building featuring trinkets from all over The Tapestry with no rhyme or reason to placement. The tables are arranged closely and can seat two to six people. The bar counter is located along the right wall from the entrance and features several large kegs and taps from which the house brew is poured on demand into stoneware mugs. On the far wall across from the entrance is a raised platform that serves as a stage for performances-- usually a local musician needing practice in front of a localized crowd, or the bar's own workers.

Upstairs is the living quarters for the few workers and gives place for side-business to happen, about 4 rooms not including Jackie and Eirian's permanent abodes, which they will let you borrow. It is not an inn.

The menu includes simple things, such as a porridge or stew, that can be made in large batches and kept over several days. If ingredients are available, they can make something off-menu. This is highly unlikely during the fall and winter months when everything becomes scarce and strained. During that time specific breeds of fish are more readily on the menu, as they are more active in a colder climate. A seedy dark bread is readily available with a special dipping-glaze made by boiling the house brew with honey.

The side-work:
All workers of the bar have the permission, to operate as courtesans as well.

  • They set their own prices and preferences, with the bar taking a 5% cut.
  • They must have all appointments at the Flute and Flagon, for the worker's security.
  • They can only take appointments on days they are not working another part of the bar.


Further beneath the city, accessible only when the water recedes-- and even then stays moderately waterlogged requiring people to wade, is the door to the catacombs. Revered heroes and royalty alike are buried there in organized tunnels spanning the whole of the hamlet, but not all are asleep in eternal rest.