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Battaglia Militancy
Inizio D'Oro ~ Est. 1025


  • Prima Famiglia
  • Grand Conductor
  • First Chairs
  • Second Chairs
  • Knights

Aside from the roles of the Prima Famiglia, which operates on a bloodline, each of the positions in the militancy are achievable by merit or necessity. Ideally there will be a First and Second chair for each of the 'sections' of the overall army for each division in the army as though the Militancy is one grand orchestra as the naming scheme can imply.


Berenice Terrazzo settled the spot of The Skald's arrival to found Battaglia, a guild dedicated to the preservation of their god's work. It was Berenice that composed the first parts of The Oratorio and who cultivated and passed on bardic skills to her people. Things were a little noisy, as each member worked on various songs that may or may not always harmonize with their neighbor's, but all was well and tidy. Inizio D'Oro thrived and grew steadily, recruiting builders from Uhrwerkstat to complete their dream city with symbols of Divine Treble built right into the stone and iron work, subtle but always present as The Great Skald was said to be.

When the Maestros one by one turned into Virtuoso, Berenice was the last to convert but the first to be defeated. Leone Arturo, a skaldborne of note brought tales with him of knights and kings and held the rank of First Seat for the Brass section. He took charge, rallying his fellow guild mates to try and rescue their maestro. Their efforts spread to other guilds until they had been seen as the driving force toward setting things right again. They had become stronger, more fit with their physical attributes as much as they had their musical ones, perhaps more so as in the years to come true bards would be less common than those who could swing a blade or guide a bow. This is exaggerated as following the war with the Virtuoso the guilds debated on what to do next. After all, they were unable to restore their Maestros.

Leone Arturo suggested to not change anything, to select their new leaders and continue as they were. It would not be quite the same, he understood. The time where they accepted quests and duties from Maestros was over. Their direct link to The Skald was severed but they were not without their deity. They would still be held to the same ideals. This, he insisted, gave them opportunity for more growth. To further it, he brought up the stories with their structures of benevolent monarchies with shining crowns. He suggested they implement that as yet another tier of growth.

Traditions and Relevant Lore

Song Book

The guild takes special attention and pride in enlisting bards, especially ones who can harness their music to bring the chants to life. This is reflected in the city's focus and the royal family's own lineage hosting a lot of musical talent. Below are common songs members are taught. They only hold power when a bard sings them, and only if they apply that power at the time. The songs are often referenced in casual conversation as reminders to their creeds and beliefs.

The songs are organized by power category, and lyrics are provided for ease of role-play and if applicable a link to it on YouTube.

NOTE: None of these songs are owned by SkaldSong RP except those expressed in The Oratorio.

Morale Boosters

  • Spark Inside Us - The Princess and the Goblin

There's a spark inside us
That we can all ignite
And all that's dark inside us
Will flicker into light

There's a power in every breath
There's a power in every note
A power that starts within the heart
A power that rises through the throat

And when it sails on through the air
More beautiful than any prayer
This power can right all wrong
And it will always thrill the ear
Of those who have the power to hear

The magic of a song

There's a strong inside us
That tells us wrong from right
Becomes the song inside us
To chase away the night

  • History Maker - Dean Fujioka

Can you feel my heart beat?
I'm tired of feeling I'


  • Lost in Thoughts All Alone - Fire Emblem Fates ([English cover by AmaLee])

You are an ocean of waves
Weaving a dream, like thoughts become a river stream
Yet may the tide ever change
Flowing like time, to the path, yours to climb

Thou seek the light with an outstretched hand
A divine blade lies before you
So command the wake of dreams
To restore the world, cut 'way the seams

Join in our prayer - in our song - of birthrights and love
Come the sun, illuminate the sky
Pray that we may quell the dark
Light take the throne
Lost in thoughts all alone

You are an ocean of waves
Weaving a dream, like thoughts become a river stream
Yet may the tide ever change
Flowing like time, to the path, yours to claim

Thou seek the dark with an unsheathed blade
Now a white ivory throne beckons
So obtain the fate you sow
On this path, be weary friend and foe

Join in the tale - in the blight - of conquest and lies
Come the sun, to tarnish in the sky
Vow that we shall tear the light
Dark seize the throne
Lost in thoughts all alone

May the chosen path lead way and grace you with virtue
But surely a balance awaits
So be it bliss or pain you gain
Beyond the route-way's end, you'll gain resilience and weakness
The trials - the thorn in your side - becomes the greatest strength in you

Descend into the abyss thou see
Where the hearts of many wander
Quietly, they wish and weave
Placing hope inside their one, pure dream

After the storm stills its wake,
May all be blessed, so the fate and fallen can find rest
Your will, the water reflects, so all will know
Your hands brought the morrow

You are an ocean of waves
Weaving a dream, like thoughts become a river stream
Yet may the tide ever change
Flowing like time, to the path, yours to climb

You are an ocean of waves