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Anatomist's Guild
Health Science
Established: 2018
Founder: Nicolaus Jericho, Tera Lynn Death
Region: Inizio D'Oro
Active: Yes


  • Leaders
  • Conspirers
  • Servants


Invite Only (IC), Recruitment process. (May request OOC)


This guild participates in a social order rather than a ranking structure, which can fluctuate based on favor.

Life in the Guild

Daily life for a scientist in the guild is the purchase of a body of a person who was seemingly not chosen by The Skald to return, sometimes underhandedly as the family expects them to be buried or burned as per their personal traditions. The body is then dissected for learning, either teaching a newer scientist the proper methods or as part of an ongoing test of experiments to further their knowledge.

This knowledge and results are then sold back if not part of a deal.


  • Members are entirely off-limits for experiments unless consent is given or as punishment for an act of treason against the Guild.
  • Treason will be severely punished with whatever the guild or leaders see fit.
  • Individual property within the guild is private, even if within shared storage and space. Emergencies exempted, but will be expected to be returned or paid for.
  • NEVER speak of the guild's affairs outside of its members. Refer potentially recruiter members to the recruiter.


Nicolaus, a man of science with interest in the anatomy of various creatures has worked on his own for quite some time. Occasionally making deals to fund and further his projects. As he encountered more like-minded individuals he sat down and offered a proposition, starting the Anatomist's Guild with the pretense that their studies and research will further Inizio D'Oro as the hub of greatness, branching them out of just the arts and into the sciences as well.