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A not-so-sleepy village of Germanic influence. Name translates to Clockwork Town.


Nestled in the mountains lays Uhrwerkstadt, a village full of varied and skilled craftsmen. Simple architecture stands out with white plaster and exposed dark beams. Clocks and dials are a constant decoration adorned throughout the city. They are often worked into buildings, ranging simple paintings to animated cuckoos and everything in between imaginable. The surrounding area is forested with some sections of grassy plains offering beautiful views.

Zeithalle, the proper name of the Town Hall, lays at the center of town and is home to the ruling aristocrat. It is set on a large, round courtyard that holds an interesting secret that is hidden in plain sight and often overlooked, especially during busy events such as the Inventor’s Triumph. All along the border of the front courtyard are mathematically placed roman numerals and the steeple of Zeithalle serves as a gnomon, effectively making the entire front courtyard an accurate sundial.

The town's workers are very fond of using their hands to create and the most skilled have fashioned into existence wonderful items. For example, the finest articulated armor is often attributed to the workers of Uhrwerkstadt, and is so expertly crafted that it can often be used as a base for prosthesis. Their handy work brings them a great deal of pride (and money), but other work still exists such as the farming of goats, sheep, and cows and the mining of various ores and gems. Some of the best bakers call Uhrwerkstadt home, even though it is an extra expense to import ingredients that cannot be grown locally.

In contrast to the Capital, this is a far less busy locale with a deceptive population. The crowds are hardly anything resembling the actual amount of people, as most remain busy indoors with their projects. Others are out in the world at large to acquire materials, in order to sell them to the makers and crafters for their projects.


Uhrwerkstadt was established by Martin Klein, a Maestro that focused on craftsmanship of all possible varieties. Klein’s guild had such a large population that creating the buildings, systems, and architecture of Uhrwerkstadt was made efficient without sacrificing quality. The ambitious project was completed with such a layer of finesse that the work and craftsmanship that went into it resonates a millennia later. Townsfolk continue to be so enamored by its splendor that they rarely make changes to the overall look of their quaint country town. Eventually, Klein’s guild split into its own factions, each focusing on specific crafts, such as Smithing and Woodworking, whose powers seemed to rise and fall in popularity as they fell in and out of necessity.

One guild in Uhrwerkstadt's recent (~100 years) history known as "Copper Heart" is noted for its handiwork in creating intricate mimicries of life as little clockwork creatures. They eventually mastered these creations and grew bored with working on such a small scale. Emboldened by their successes, they began to create larger machines. These beyond life sized puppets took up entire warehouses and are still used to this day in the yearly parade known as The Inventor’s Triumph. Eventually, they branched out beyond even these grand designs and focused on the humanoid shape, finely crafting full suits of articulated armor. Seeing promise in these designs, a mage-healer named Nitika worked hand-in-hand with Copper Heart to make the first prosthetic for a local woman who had lost her arm. This type of prosthetic is still used today with different shells from armor to wood and bone depending on the wearer's needs.

Eventually all guilds in Uhrwerkstadt fell in power to the Merchant guild. Some would say that they used their wealth to manipulate their way to the top, literally buying out the previous standing guild. Others would proclaim it makes sense that a guild focused on commerce would rise to power, as their expansive coffers could simply buy whatever they needed to crush their competition. Despite that, the control of the town by this guild has been rather fair.







  • Mixed Race

Main Exports

  • Refined ores
  • Metals
  • Clocks
  • Replacement Limbs

Places of Note

Town Center