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Planes of Existance

Many of you may come from chat rooms where travelling between different planes of existence is the norm, or is at least possible to the right people. While the people spirited away by the Skald are by necessity, from other planes of existence/ worlds, that is where their impact on the Tapestry ends. The Skald chooses people to bring to the tapestry for a purpose - it has no time or inclination for people just packing up bags and planar jumping to elsewhere. The Tapestry is a one-way door - you can get in, but there is no way out if the Skald does not wish it.

As such it should be assumed that travel to or from another plane is generally not possible, and if your character requires a connection to a certain plane, or an influence there that grants them power (a godly patron, for instance) it should be assumed that they are barred from that connection too.