Prasino Kolaz

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A region steeped in jungle with influences from South Asia as well as Central America, though the naming scheme is greek.


Overgrown as though lost and forgotten, this region boasts a lot of green and a humid climate and massive ruined temple-like structures barely a shadow of their former selves.


Once a booming civilization like the rest of The Tapestry, this area barely recovered from the events 300 years ago when their Maestro had become one of the corrupted Virtuosos.

Barely any records exist of Prasino as it used to be in its glory days, and those that do are scattered to the four great winds. They are stored in family attacks and basements, or lost in libraries from those who fled a near genocide of the people of Prasino, then known as Ysteria. It is said that Meizarae, once their protector and benefactor, turned on her people when she became corrupted. Rather than bringing peace of mind and life to her domain, she instead wrought chaos and terror to such levels that those even in her greater vicinity began killing themselves to escape it. The people and the culture were never properly recovered even after Battaglia came in and set things proper 300 years ago.

For a time it was under control of a healer's guild, Elysion. Certain pieces of the economy still remain as farmers continue to make sense of their lush landscape, surviving by the rest of The Tapestry's desire and need of the products they produce.

After the return of Meizarae, Elysion disbanded and the jungle is wild again, with exception of the small populations dotted through the jungle.



  • Skaldic (Primary)
  • Nature-based (Joint Primary)
  • Virtuoso of Misery (Former Primary)


Prasino Kolaz's economy is very weak despite having a number of popular items. This may be due to the lack of people, or the difficulty of getting these items to the rest of the tapestry.


  • ~<100
  • Mostly Fish, frog, and lizard Anthros.

Main Exports

  • Medicine
  • Exotic oils, fragrances, incense
  • Coffee beans
  • Feathered Raptors (Mounts)

Places of Note


Taking hold of the decaying ruins of a grand castle or temple. With hard work and dedication the healers have expanded the usable rooms for their needs but purposely choose to leave the front most overgrowth and ruin as it is, in part for aesthetics and reminder of what they do-- preventing more civilizations from falling so immediately. This does make the entrance a little hard to find, which is remedied by the guidance of posted banners of the guild.

Deeper into the glorified guild hall the place takes better shape: Floor tiles are even, things feel less likely to fall on you in the event of a disaster. There's a functioning but small kitchen designed to feed the small crew that takes residence there.

July 2018: The ruins that Elysion had tried to revitalize turned out to be the site of former Ysteria, the hold of former Maestro-turned-Virtuoso. The battle left the ruins in a worse state, unlikely to be able to be used unless cleared away and built from the ground up.


A thick and expansive jungle with a myriad of unique flora and fauna found only in the region. Small surviving settlements from the region's past can be found, keeping the economy of their exports going. The feathered raptors that are farmed as mounts are popular in Inizio D'Oro, costing a pretty coin, but there are others that could be found on commission.

Krymmeni Pisina

A large hole in the ground reveals an underground lake. Stairs down to a dock has been built for easier return to the jungle after a daredevil dive.