Guild FAQ

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Why Join a Guild

Guilds are important in character, providing you opportunities for growth if your character's goal is to lead or rule. It is also a social network, allowing you to connect with other players with similar-minded characters. Some guilds might have enough activity to do their own events, or have overlapping situations with other guilds expanding your social circle in a more organic way, especially if you are shy. :)

Profile Perks to all Guilds

  • Members of guilds will have the banner displayed in their profiles, and titles changed accordingly if they hold power within the guild.
  • Guilds will have their own slot on the forum to use as they see fit, as well as a 'group' that will color member's names in the online list.
  • Leaders of guilds will gain a lump sum of 5k gold and gain the rank of Nobile.

Joining a Guild

If you feel your character would be a good fit for a guild, or that they would be interested in joining it, seek out a representative of the guild. Depending on the guild's structure that may be all you need to do.

Have a character that is a 'native' and you would like them to already be part of the guild? Talk to the leader OOCly to confirm. Make sure you save yourselves both time and hassle and check to make sure that the history of the guild can align with your character's simply enough (ie, timelines).

Creating a Guild

  • Five members or more (Number includes Leader)
  • A specialization, does not have to be unique.
    • Can only have up to two specializations that are already similar in nature. You are encouraged to have only one.
  • Permission of the place you will be setting up (ooc).
  • Please provide information for the wiki.

Banners should be simplistic, focus on a shape and color scheme and picture having to make it by hand on fabric!

You will have total control of how your guild determines its next leader or how it invites its members in, promotions within, etc. You can host your own events for your members.

Becoming a Head Guild

In each territory there can be many guilds, but only one has the political weight to be considered in charge of the territory as a whole. To become the head guild of a territory one of two things need to happen:

  • The current head guild submits to your guild
    • However it happens! The former head guild will need to let the Staff know.
  • A new territory is created (spotted).
    • Usually a guild is already selected for this oocly (as it will need to be considered long-established), but... petitioning or a competition may be held.

Profile Perks to Head Guilds

  • You are the region owner, you can boss the smaller guilds around.
  • Leaders gain rank of Doge/Duce, just under the royalty and is eligible for marriage to the royals (Determined by the Annual Review).
    • Wallet boost of 10k gold
  • Permanent-room HQ

Common Questions

Can I have a guild of only [race]? Yes.

Can I also have a guild that does [activity]? Yes.

Can I take over a guild? Yes, with the ooc cooperation of the current owner. Take overs/mutinies are a great way to shift ownership if you find just handing it over to be too bland.

Can we have a room for our HQ? At the bottom of the room list there is a form you can fill out to create a temporary room. This room will exist until there has been 2 hours of inactivity. If you need it to be private, then you should mark it as such in the room name.

  • Head Guilds will have a permanent-room HQ and will not be considered private. It's the capitol building of a region after all.

Mergers and Partnerships

Partnerships among guilds is not unheard of, though not when it comes to trying to climb to a head guild position, this coveted spot means that partnerships will have to at some point become a rivalry or a merger if the other guild is also vying for the position.

If a merger was to happen, the smaller guild will disbanded and members would be added to the roster of the larger. Mergers can happen where both guilds are lost and a entirely new guild is formed. They will have to still consider the rules of that of creation (above).


Disbanded guilds are simply removed from member's profiles, however the information that is displayed here will just be moved to 'past guilds' with a new section concerning how it ended. History is history, after all.

Reasons a guild may be disbanded:

  • Disinterest - Members all split ways and abandon the guild altogether. This can also happen when membership falls beneath 5 members may be considered disbanded upon lack of activity.
    • Head guilds will not be disbanded on lack of activity, but if all associated players are MIA then another guild might be invited to take over per staff's invitation and discretion.
  • Merged - Being taken over by another guild might lead to those members joining the stronger guild and leaving behind the original.
  • Culling - All members deceased... for whatever reason.
  • Decree - A head guild or the royal family in question might manually expel a guild from record and eligibility.
    • This would be in-character only, and does not mean a guild cannot still operate, it would just mean that they are not official and therefor would not be able to progress politically-- as there would definitely be movement against them.